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Terms and Conditions


1) The Internet based shop is administered by Media Sport Lukasz Frydel, with the business premises located in Zelechow (Poland) Dluga 136 A. 

2) It is assumed that while ordering, the user has read carefully Terms and Conditions and agreed to be bound by these conditions. 

3) You can place your order everyday, 24 hours a day.


4) You place your order by filling in the order form which is located on webpage.


5) When you fill in the order form, make sure that the personal details that you provide us with are correct and complete. 


6) When you place an order, will automatically send you a confirmation e-mail with the details of your order. Placing an order is treated as an offer to to purchase a product which is accepted when you receive an e-mail or a phone call that we accepted your offer and your order is going to be fulfilled. If you did not receive the “Confirmation E-mail” it means that your order is not confirmed and it is not being realized. 

7) reserves the right to verify and cancel the order if, in our discretion, the order was made with untrue statements.

8) Realization of your order starts on the next working day after the day your order was placed. However, if your order has to be verified, realization is postponed until the first working day after the day your order is verified. 

9) In case of doubts, it is assumed that sales agreement starts when you receive an e-mail or a phone call with the confirmation of acceptance of your order. 

10) The prizes of the products that are in the offer of the Internet based shop are in the following currencies: Euro (EUR), British Pounds (GBP), US Dollars (USD) and Polish Złoty (PLN). The prize does not include the cost of delivery and shipping.

11) reserves the right to change the prize of the products which are included in the offer without previous notice. The change of the prize is not applicable to the orders already accepted and confirmed for realization.  

12) reserves the rights to withdraw any product from the offer without previous notice.

13)  All the information about the time of realization of the order are included next to the products. The time of delivery has to be added to the time of realization of the order.  

14) charges you for the costs of delivery and shipping. All the information concerning the costs of delivery and shipping are available during the process of placing an order. The prize depends on the chosen form and the company that is responsible for the delivery.

15) may not charge you for the delivery and shipping as a part of promotion. If this happens there will be information provided on the webpage. 

16) issues you a bill as a confirmation of your transaction.  The bill is issued in the following currencies: EUR and PLN. You also receive a receipt confirming your transaction in PLN. The amount on the receipt can be converted to EUR or USD.

17) We accept the following forms of payment: a debit/credit card, bank transfer to account.

18) In case of an order that consists of several products which are supposed to be sent in one parcel, the time of realization depends on the time that is necessary to gather all the products. 

19) All complains concerning the damage of the parcel that occurred during the delivery and shipping are considered only if the certificate of the damage was drawn between the customer and the deliverer of the parcel. 

20) In case of complains, contact by electronic mail or by phone. 

21) In accordance with the act from 02.03.2000 about protection of some of the consumer’ rights and responsibility for the damage inflicted upon one by a dangerous product, you can refuse to accept the package without providing an explanation. It is possible only if the product is not damaged, copied and it has not got any sings of use. Returns are to be sent to the following address: Lukasz Frydel, ul. Dluga 136 A, 08-430 Zelechow with a note “Returns.” 

22) In matters not regulated by herein, provisions of the Polish Civil Code (Act from 02.03.2000 on protection of some of the consumer’ rights and responsibility for the damage inflicted upon one by a dangerous product) shall apply. 

23) Personal details of the customer are protected by Privacy Policy.