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About Us - World of sports memorabilia and books


Our Fanshop was created by the people and for the people who are passionate about sports, especially about football. In our constantly expanding stock we offer you a selection of unique books and sports memorabilia prepared by the experts in their field. We offer you a wide range of historical monographs, carefully prepared yearbooks, and beautiful albums from all over the world. Additionally we have a lot of Football Programmes, Tickets, Badges, Pennants, Scarves, Shirts, Photos, and much, much more, on different sports: football, speedway, volleyball, athletics, hockey, Olympic Games.
Most of our product range are substantial and unique items about football from around the world. Our shop is only and the one sports antique shop in Poland.


Most of the items offered in our shop are not available in the "traditional selling". We are constantly looking for new positions to expand our stock. We exist since 2008 on Polish market.


We prepare descriptions of the items in several languages so that everyone all over the world can get to know our offer before ordering. But if you still have questions or doubts, do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail. We respond to every question!



- Because we are passionate about sports and sports collecting. No, we are trully in love with sports. We are not a huge company that is why you can always count on us. We will advise you, provide you with reviews and answer to your doubts. And we are always willing to gossip about football.


- For our frequent buyers, we have special discounts and gadgets. We would like to know who you are and what are your interests so that we can adjust our offer to your needs.


- All the items that we have in our offer are also in our stock. If on our webpage you see information that the product is available, it means that it is really in our stock and realtisation of the order is going to be fast.


- We offer you a unique selection of the items. You will not find them in these big and commercial shops. We will do our best to find for you the books that are theoretically impossible to access. Only will import for you a difficult to access yearbook or a monography of fourth division football team. Our goals are: to constantly expand our offer and to find the books that are theoretically impossible to get.


Who are we? team:

The founder and the owner. He takes care of the satisfaction of the customers and sometimes even of his employees. He knows almost everything about sports books. He has never seen himself in 9:00 to 5:00 job. His life's motto is: Do what you like to do, and do it in the best way possible. He loves trips during which he can enjoy local football.

Part-time journalist, part-time antique dealer. Punctuality is not his strongest point but professional descitpions of items and specific sense of humour, definitely! Hobby: running, drinking, eating.

He is responsible for product descriptions.


Graphic designer. The logo and the top of the page is his job. Desktop publishing - he designs our promotional materials etc.

The most important and the most responsible task in our shop: she prepares parcels to be sent :-)



Memorsport Team